Visit from St. Nick

Do you believe in St. Nick? 

Not Santa, but St. Nick.  He visits your house on the night of December 5th and leaves you goodies in your stocking.  From what I understand, this is mostly a European based holiday/belief.  My dad is Polish and my mom is German, so they both did St. Nick growing up.

I’ve gotten gifts from St. Nick my whole life.  My parents still play along too.  St. Nick came to my house TWICE on Monday night.  Once from Castroville and once from Austin 😉

Dan had never heard of St. Nick when we started dating and he insisted I made it up.  It’s real:

Since I was gone to the gym before Dan even woke up on Tuesday, we opened St. Nick gifts after dinner.  Traditionally the gifts go in your stocking, but he delivered stuff that didn’t fit, so they went under the tree.

Dan got some food goodies from St. Nick that came from Castroville.  He also got some fun snack and grilling items from Austin St. Nick.

I got a new running journal (a must have for me, I usually buy them half off after Christmas), a gift certificate for 2 sports massages, and the new KGSR mix cd (I can’t wait to hear it!).  Plus from the “other” St. Nick I got some spices, kitchen utensils, and bath salts.

Missy was being bratty last night, so I put her into the elf costume.  (like that was going to help anything at all).  I hadn’t dressed her up in the silliness yet this year, so I figured it was a good time to play.  She forgave me in less than 5 minutes, lol.


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