Race Report: Dallas Whiterock Half

Let it be known that I am grateful for every drop of rain that Texas has received and will get.  We are still in an exceptional drought with no end in sight.

However, I am NOT a fan of cold and wet together.  I’d hoped for a 2-4 hour break in the weather for Sunday morning.  This did not happen. 

We got dressed dark and early for the race.  It was going to be slightly warmer than originally predicted (thank goodness).  I wanted to wear shorts but discovered i’d only packed 3 pairs of tights.  I rarely run in pants, how the hell did I forget shorts?

We hopped on board the shuttle to the start.  There was a break in the rain, but it was pretty cold (low 40s and did not warm at all).  I had a singlet, a long sleeve tech shirt, tights, gloves, headband, and a rain poncho on (thank you Metro PCS!).  The weatherman said the rain would be at 9 am and then again at 11 am.  They lied.  It started pouring at 8:30, when I was a little less than 3 miles in.

I ran the first 3-4 miles with my running buddy AK.  She’s running Decker half on the 11th which is really hilly, so she wanted to preserve her legs some and wanted me to go ahead later in the race.  However, I lost her on one of the turns, I figured she smoked me and changed her mind about the pace she wanted. 

So I just kept swimming…err, I mean running.  When I got to Turtle Creek near all of the pretty houses the sky just unloaded.  I could barely see with all of the rain in my eyes. It was impossible to jump over puddles and streams without splashing others or breaking your neck.  Pointless anyhow, everyone was drenched.

I don’t remember much from the course except rain, rain, more rain.  Twisting my ankle in a hole (it’s ok).  And smelling a ton of fried food at Cafe Express before the rain (I hate food smells when running).

What I DO remember is the underpass toward the finish because it was a temporary relief from the rain, trying to get my heavy tech shirt off at mile 12 because I didn’t want it on when I was done.  The finish had a lot of turns and winds which I didn’t care for, I was worried I’d slip and fall.

I was so glad to be done.  I don’t remember seeing any photographers and I don’t even care.  I am pretty sure I look like a drowned rat, because I WAS!  I’m glad all of the post-race food, awards, meeting areas were inside.  BEST IDEA EVER!

I went to the Centennial building and got my bag, finisher shirt, medal, and a little food.   So I got to have my banana (which is my #1 post-race desire) and a bag of Pirate’s Booty snack mix.  I ditched the 100 pound wet running shoes for flip-flops at this point.

I walked to the Automotive Building where they had the family meeting area.   This was a BAD idea in flip-flops.  My shoes kept falling off, plus it was pouring rain and windy, and was slowing me down on getting to warmth!  Met up with AK’s hubby and found her right after that.  She finished 3 minutes behind me. 

I changed into dry tights, my finisher shirt, and a long sleeve.  Really wish I’d had a towel or dry socks.  I tried to get back outside, but there was no way for me to see the finish.  So I sat inside, result stalked the Whiterock page and waiting for mom and sister to finish.  Even though I was indoors, I was uncontrollably cold for hours. 

At 11 am I freaked out.  The plan was for sister to get her bag and call me before she got her food and walked to the family meeting area.  Mom was to get her goodies and go to the family meeting area (she didn’t check a bag, I put all of her stuff in mine).  There was no sign of either of them.  I then became a worry wart.  I even texted Dan because I was scared one or both was injured or worse.

Eventually my sister appeared in the Automobile Building, she finished exactly an hour after me.  I almost cried when I saw the medal around her neck.  The weather sucked and I was so scared one or both of them wouldn’t finish.  Apparently she made some friends in the other building and wondered around for a while.  She somehow missed half the post-race food, so I gave her the random bag of chips I snagged.

10 minutes later, mom appeared.  She looked like hell, but also had a medal around her neck 🙂   She’d finished 15 minutes after my sister. I immediately got her out of her wet shoes and top and put her in dry clothes.  Funny coincidence we all brought the same shirt to wear after the race (from the bargain bin at RunTex).

Guenther House/Pioneer Flour mills (based in SA) was there trying to set a World Record for serving pancakes.  Those just happen to be my mom’s FAVORITE!  Fate I think 🙂 

The experience was wonderful.  I can’t say that I really enjoyed the race itself or that my mom and sister won’t have nightmares of wind, rain, and cold for months, but I believe it was worth it.  I am SO very proud of both of them.  I know it wasn’t easy for me.   I really have no words for how awesome I think they are.

I wonder if my mom and sister are secretly plotting revenge on me now?


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