Waiting game

My tests have been turned in to the lab. 3-night on Friday and the 24-hour on Monday.  Now it’s back to waiting.

Had a rheumotology appointment on Monday. I LOVED the Dr., he’s a distance runner. However, he doesn’t think he’ll need to see me again. He did say he’d keep an eye on my latest cortisol tests because he wants to see the results and see how they are going to proceed. If they don’t have any ideas, then he said he may submit me for some tests. But most of the initial tests he does, I’ve already had from my primary Dr.

I’ve been back in the gym more regularly with the strength training, but it’s SO hard.  My muscles cooperate a lot more with the running than they do with the strength training.  I had 2 decent sessions on Sunday and this morning.  Baby steps.

I’ve noticed increased size in my thighs, and not in a good way in the last 2 months 😦  This combined with the freak stretch marks not associated with weight gain is incredibly frustrating.  Just 1 more of my symptoms that bothers me on a daily basis.  I’ve been treating them for a few months with BioOil, but so far, no real improvement.  Before the summer, the only stretch marks I had were on my hips from when I was overweight.

Started working on the house and Thanksgiving prep on Sunday.  I’ve had zero gluten, since the beginning of the summer.  On Sunday, after i’d made the perfect pan of cornbread to put in the Bateman family dressing, something possessed me to have one 2×2 square.  Seriously, when I turned it out onto the cutting board, it was perfect in color, texture, and it smelled GOOD.   Bad bad idea.  I’ve been miserable ever since then.  I knew better and am paying the price 😦  Guess I was secretly hoping I wouldn’t react any more. 

I am really looking forward to the rest of this week.  It should certainly take my mind off the medicial stuff if I stay feeling good.  1 day of work left, then cleaning, cooking, and fun.  Oh yeah and some fun workouts and shopping with my mom (sister is out of state).  Maybe I can get the guys to walk over the holiday.  Nothing breaks my heart more than the 2 men I love the most, not taking care of themselves 😦  Believe me, that’s a whole blog series on it’s own.

Here’s to food, fitness, and fun!  And a few days away from work 🙂


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