I had been feeling better for the most part (minus last Saturday).  This week was alright, then Friday, I felt horrible 😦  Not sure what triggered it, the only thing I could think of is that I was upset about my first visit with a new Dr, who replaced my favorite Dr who moved to Washington over the summer (not related to my diagnosis we’re working on).    She is nice, but nothing like him 😦 

Monday afternoon I got a call from the Endocrinologist’s office.  They were asking me to repeat my last 3 tests for cortisol (a 3 night, a blood, and a 24 hour)  Why?  Because 1 of the last tests which had 3 parts, 2 of them came back with results, 1 didn’t, so they couldn’t make a decision.  So that 3 part test was repeated and turned in to the lab yesterday.

The other test has to be done for 24 hours starting tomorrow morning.  That gets turned in Monday morning.  After that, blood work.

Then off to my 1st appointment with the Rheumotologist.  Hopefully he has some ideas.  I picked him specifically because he said he was a distance runner in his bio.  I figured at least we could connect through that and could give me some advice in that department and how it relates to my issues, because as of now, none of the Dr’s really could tell me anything about the workouts in confidence.

Speaking of workouts, I had a BODPOD done Friday morning.  As a suspected, I’ve lost muscle which is incredibly upsetting.  I just don’t have the stamina for weights on most days, but i’m going to keep trying.  I may have to approach the strength training in a different way.

Just trying to keep moving forward and being positive.  It’s hard, because I feel like I am running around in circles.  Hopefully between this batch of tests and throwing another specialist into the mix, i’ll be 1 step closer to figuring out what is wrong and how to fix it!


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