Race Report: RNR San Antonio

This was my 4th Rock and Roll San Antonio.  I ran the full the first 3 years.  Registered for the full a year ago, but opted late in the week to downgrade to the half.

After an emotional struggle with my decision, I woke up feeling ok with the choice I made on race morning.  I ate my mocha brownie oats, laced up my shoes, and drove through super thick fog to SA to be dropped at the start.

The start seemed easier to navigate this year, which was nice.  I went and dropped my bag after hitting the port-a-potty line.  I then set out to find AK, who I never spotted (apparently she moved to corral 1). 

RNR really needs to police those corrals a little better.  They really did the first 2 years.  I noticed before we started yesterday, there were people that should have been in corral 30 or further with no bib-change tags.  That’s a HUGE difference in pace.  I am glad none of them were in front of me.

The new start was nice, diverted us completely away from the train tracks and past SAFD command and station #1.  Loved seeing the firemen and EMTs cheering the runners with their cups of coffee in hand.

The on-course music was good, water stops were good, the congestion wasn’t bad on the course (but I started closer to the front than I ever have).  I drank at every single water station to be on the safe side.

I saw friends from Austin cheering at miles 0, 4, 9, and 13.  My parents were at mile 9.5 (dad didn’t want to break their Guenther House breakfast tradition).  I don’t think i’ve ever done a half with many people I knew cheering on the course, this was uplifting.   My parents said they were very worried about me, but after they saw me round the corner they were cheering at, they knew i’d be fine 🙂

I felt good the whole race.  Had to slow myself in the middle, because I was speeding up too much and I wasn’t sure what the weather was going to do.  I was dripping with sweat at mile 2, but it remained overcast until mile 10, when mother nature really turned up the heat.  When she turned it up, so did I (with caution).

I find it amusing that the Mission that is on the medal is one that the half marathoners don’t even run by on their course.  The only Mission on the half course is the Alamo.

What is more San Antonio than taking post-race photo in Bill Miller’s dining room?

I met my mom (who walked over from mile 9.5 to meet me after the finish) and my dad, who drove to pick us up there.  And yes, I had a tea.

We eventually went to Central Market to browse, then mapped a route for my mom to do her longest long run of the season next Saturday, then off to lunch.  Paloma Blanca, which is where we’ve gone every year after RNR SA, now it’s tradition 🙂  Mom says she wants to keep the tradition next year when it’s her decision where we eat.

I’m usually showered before lunch, but because I didn’t stay at a hotel, I had to settle for some wet wipes and changing in my car on IH-35 while my mom drove.  That was interesting, but I didn’t have a choice, my race clothes were sopping wet.

I’d have to say, this is one of the most enjoyable race days i’ve had (minus the weather).  I ran comfortable and happy most of the way.  I am not sure how I remained so calm and collected the whole time, after being stressed all week about having to downgrade.  I am content that I decided to run the half and I gave it my best effort.


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