Where are the glitter and rainbows?

This weekend has not been anything like RNR SA marathon weekends in the past.  Some of the differences are good (like lots of family time), the way i’m feeling is not 😦  Fingers crossed I at least feel good enough to run SOMETHING tomorrow.

Friday morning I tried to sleep in, since I haven’t been sleeping at night, but my body just said no and I got out of bed before 5 am.  My mom went to the gym about 7 and at 8:30 we left for San Antonio.  Ran errands first, getting supplies for Girl Scouts, work, and this weekend.

Then over to the expo.  We got there right as it opened.  I picked up my packet, got a corral change, and we headed past the race merch (it’s pricey and I don’t need any of that stuff).  Let me say, super early is the only way to go!  Even though Friday was a holiday, mom and I were able to look for 2 hours and not be swallowed up by the hoards of people.

While we were there I found 2 new Gluten Free companies which was cool, bought a custom fit pair of headphones, some cute magnets for my office (I have a collection of all types on my filing cabinet), another headband, and some Nuun.  I did NOT sign up for any races and certainly did not sign up to do San Antonio again.  But, I will be back next year, as a cheerleader.  My mom took advantage of the expo pricing and signed up for 2012.  I’m happy, that gives her a long-term goal 🙂

Speaking of long-term goals, we’ve known we were going to do Dallas Whiterock Half since March, been registered since June.  She’s SOOOO excited about it.  Makes me smile.  I think she tells everyone she sees, lol!  She talked the ear off of the girl working that race’s booth yesterday 🙂

After the expo, we were starving.  Headed over to Green Vegetarian, which is one of my favorite local San Antonio restaurants.  I’ve been to cooking classes there before and have eaten there many times.  You may also remember me saying the owner lost weight on Weight Watchers.  True story.  Anyhow, we had a terrific lunch.

They have about 4-5 Gluten Free options on their menu.  I was torn between the Green Bowl, the italian enchiladas, or the Kale wrap.  The kale wrap had pecan hummus (new to me), sprouts, tomatoes, mushrooms, bell peppers, cranberries, and broccoli.  I had quinoa tabbloueh and broccoli as my sides.

Mom had a classic sandwich and a garden salad.  That grainy bread looked SO good.  I think her sandwich had avocado, sprouts, spinach, tomatoes, cucumbers (she gave me those), and bell pepper.  That was one of the most colorful and best looking garden salad’s I have seen, lol!

After lunch, we ran even more errands, then came home…well sorta.  Came to my parents house and realized my dad went hunting and accidentally locked us out.  I told my mom she shouldn’t take her purse to the expo, so she didn’t.  But she also didn’t throw house keys into my bag.  OOPS.   We wound up heading over to Bill Miller’s BBQ and had a pretty great dinner.  While we were eating, my dad came back and gave us the keys, then took off the food i’d ordered him, because he needed to put his deer in the cooler.

In the meantime, Dan calls.  Customs and immigration in Mexico City took too long and he missed his flight.  He had to buy another plane ticket, buy a hotel, and settle for coming home Saturday morning.

Saturday.  A lot of nothing.  Mom did her long run, I sat around and worked on cutting a million pieces of paper for Girl Scouts.

Then I took off to hang out with my dad and do really country stuff like cut meat, get flat tires from mesquite trees (better his truck, than my foot), and eat some Parisa for a snack.  It’s actually not bad on Almond Thins, lol.

Only 2 places in town sell Parisa these days, so I went to Dziuk’s Meat Market and got a quarter pound of the spicy to share with dad.  The girl looked at me like I was nuts when I only wanted a small portion.  If you don’t know what it is, yes, it’s exactly what it looks like.

Apparently my dad really wanted to go to the race or really wanted the pancakes they eat before the race every year at the  Guenther House (mile 9.5).  So we changed our plans 2-3 times.  Final decision was to cancel the hotel, spend the night here, and just let someone drop me at the start.  Then mom and dad enjoy their breakfast at mile 9.5.

I heard from Dan again.  His flights got jacked again on Saturday morning.  He made it back to Austin around 1 pm.  Last I heard, he had a date with our couch for an extended nap, instead of going to watch football.  Certainly wasn’t going to bother him.  Good thing we decided he’d stay in Austin, i’d feel horrible if he still had to drive 2 hours tonight to SA.

Tried on my clothes for the race tomorrow.  I look like heck, but there isn’t much I can do.  I am so swollen and bloated, I look like a blowfish 😦   I’ve been trying to relax as much as a I can, trying to alleviate whatever is triggering the episode. (probably my worrying that’s doing it).  The worst part isn’t how I physically look, it’s how my bib looks.  They don’t give you a new one if you decide to downgrade.  I know it’s silly, but the black marathon bib is a reminder that I’m not running what I trained for and all of the reasons why.

I’m not usually nervous, but i’m certainly nervous about tomorrow.  Vicious cycle I think.  I will be calm, I will be calm….Maybe dinner and a bath will help that 🙂


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