Missy Fit

I’m having a hard time accepting changes this week, hence my “Missy Fit”. 

I’d been feeling pretty good (relatively speaking) for the last few weeks, until this week.

Still waiting for my last 2 labs.  Blood cortisol was 3 weeks ago, salivary 3 night was a week ago.  I’m sure nothing has changed on my levels, because I am sleeping even worse now.  Can’t believe that’s even possible.  I’ve gone to bed even earlier than normal everyday this week and don’t feel any more rested 😦

I need to have another BODPOD done.  I’ve lost so much muscle it’s sad, I want to find out just how much (so I can show the Drs.).  I haven’t gained any weight, but my body looks horrible.  I was once proud of my legs and arms, now I want to cover everything up in embarrassment. 

My coworkers keep coming to work sick, which I don’t understand and irritates me.  With me having all types of other issues, the last thing I need is to get their virus, cold, or flu.  Not sure how my immune system would fight anything at this point.

Work is completely stressing me out.  Certain persons aren’t doing their job, which creates messes for me to fix. 

My biggest fit is about RNR San Antonio on Sunday.  I trained for the full, I want to run the full.  But after speaking to more experienced runners, a coach (friend), my family, and a Dr., I have made the decision to downgrade to the half.  I kicked and screamed at this.  I’m already trained up.  But I’m running high risk to my health by running the whole thing.   After thinking about it all week, I backed down and accepted what needed to happen. 

I know I shouldn’t be upset about it, especially since I don’t even really like the race (other than the fact it’s in my hometown and has lots of historical sights on the route).   I’ve made the firm decision that next year, I will go as a cheerleader if my mom wants to run the race.  This is my 4th year doing that race, maybe it’s time to move on.

Taking advantage of the hotel and weekend planned, even though my race plans have changed.  Heading home to spend time with my parents tonight, expo and girl time with mom tomorrow.   Saturday mom and I will head to SA in the PM, have dinner, and stay in the hotel. 

Dan is still in Brazil, won’t be back until midnight on Friday.  He’s probably going to need most of Saturday to recover from his trip.  So he’d be coming to SA for less than 24 hours.  We decided he’d stay at home.  I know that sounds weird, but he doesn’t usually go to most races and I know he’s going to be super exhausted. 

We made plans for a date night for Sunday evening instead:-)  Bring on some tasty food and the DVR we have saved to watch together!


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