Service Saturday

My sister was adamant about using a Priceline coupon she had for the first night, so we got stuck at the Radisson on CC beach, which is a dump.  And after all the fees they charged her, it was they same price as the Omni we stayed at the 2nd night (my choice).

I didn’t sleep well at all on Friday night. I got up super early and rode the bike in the crummy workout room to loosen up my legs since i’m always so stiff in the morning these days.  We ate a small breakfast and set out for the bowling alley.

We volunteered at the Special Olympics South Texas Bowling Tournament.  This was a tradition we started as I was leaving TAMUCC.  So happy to see our chapter still does this event, it’s really rewarding.

I didn’t have a letter shirt anymore (they probably fell apart with old age!).  So my sister lent me her yellow one.  Apparently EVERYONE hates that yellow shirt, except me.  Funny, they probably cursed me for years in college, because that was the shirt I asked people to wear the most, haha!

Sister and I sold merchandise, which was really fun and we sold a TON of stuff!  Plus we got to interact with most of the athletes, coaches, and parents at the table 🙂

After volunteering, we were STARVING.  Fail on me, I didn’t bring a snack to eat and the bowling alley had absolutely nothing I could eat at the snack bar or the vending machine 😦  We didn’t end up eating lunch until almost 1:30 because the wait at Kiko’s was really long (but so worth it).  I forgot how good their food is. 

It was Selena’s birthday, so we celebrated Kiko’s style 😉

Selena and I both had the biggest beef fajita salads ever.  It was certainly the best I ever had and I ate ALL of it.  My mouth waters just thinking about it.

It was so great to catch up with Adriana and Selena.  They were the 2nd set of real sisters to become sorority sisters in our chapter ( sister and I were the first).   Adriana got up at the event on Friday night and spoke about how through college she considered me a role model.  I almost cried.

Funny how the miles and years may separate people, but when you get together with someone, it’s like you were never apart! It’s like nothing had changed in 7 years!  Very heartwarming.


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