Road trip!

I left work later than planned on Friday evening, which was aggregating.  Same thing that sucked up all of my time all week was bleeding over into my weekend.  NOT COOL.

Jetted over to sister’s house, grabbed her, drove to SA.  Arrived at BFF’s house, moved stuff into her SUV and then hit the road.

The next 3 hours went by fairly quickly, probably because we talked non-stop the whole time.  I don’t think we’ve done any roadtrips since the two of them graduated, so we were LONG overdue.

We barely made it to Johnny Carrino’s before the 8 pm dinner time.  Good thing I demanded we stop for snacks, none of us eat that late (in fact sister and BFF usually eat around 5 pm). 

Out of the 15 alumni that RSVP’d for the event, only 7 came, which was a little disappointing.  I didn’t know but 1 of the sister’s who didn’t come, the rest were going to be people who I haven’t met that graduated after me.

The dinner was fun (although the food wasn’t great).  BFF, sister, and I sat next to 2 other alumni who we already knew.  They just happen to also be real-life sisters.  Another co-incidence?  All 5 of us are past presidents of the chapter 🙂

Photo is myself, sister, and our friend Adriana.  Hadn’t seen her in about 6 years, so it was long overdue.

When they asked each person to speak about their favorite sorority memory, I really went overboard and spoke the most.  I ended up speaking for about 10 minutes on how they can use the learning and experiences they have in college with the sorority in their personal lives, jobs, and future organizations.

After the dinner we checked into our hotel and had lots of girl talk.  Just like college!


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