Happiness is

Happiness is….

Having a really great week (well minus the part where the Rangers didn’t win the World Series.)  Missy wasn’t a fan of those last 2 games either.

Work conference I hosted went very well.  I really enjoy putting on this training every year, seeing people I don’t see near enough, from all over our great state.

And well, I got to crawl through caves.  That’s way more exciting than sitting at my desk!

Saw friends I hadn’t seen in way too long and met a new one 😉

I went to school with Amanda at TAMUCC.   I have had her baby shower gift since May (had to miss the June shower).  I finally got to see Amanda, give her the gift, and meet Presley, who was born in July.  Pardon the drool all over my shirt, she’s teething and wanted to eat my shirt, lol!

Eating awesome food every single meal.  Gosh, I love New Braunfels.  I actually in my opening remarks banned everyone from eating at chain restaurants for dinner.  Most people obeyed 🙂  Why eat at a chain when you have really great food that is local all around you?

Speaking of friends, I got to see both of my BFFs this week.  Michele on Tuesday night for dinner at Huisache Grill and Alison on Thursday afternoon at Rudy’s (where she was having her going away party, she starts a new job Monday).  So great to see both of them! 

I only got sick 1 day this week and it was shortlived.  I felt great, maybe because I wasn’t dealing with office stress since I was out.  I worked off of my race recovery schedule and that went fine too. 

Just one of those weeks that I want to bottle up for later.  I can’t remember the last time I had a week that was so rewarding in so many different areas. 

Here’s to another great week!

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