Things I like Thursday: Random acts of kindness

I got back to Austin late today.  After a week putting on a training conference in New Braunfels for staff all over the state in one of my programs, I was beat!  It was a successful week though for work and personal reasons.

When I got to my car I though, man, how the hell did my car get clean?  It was embarrassingly dirty inside and out when I left.

Then I got inside and saw this

While I was gone, Dan wondering my building’s giant parking lot and searched for my car.  He then took it to have the oil changed, washed, and detailed.  Like super expensive and major detailing (i’m way impressed).  Plus he had some minor maintenance done on it. 

I cried.  I seriously cried.  Not only did he know how upset I was that I didn’t have time to schedule an appointment for my car service, but I kept running out of time to wash and clean the inside.

It’s immaculate now.  It was such a relief to me to see all of that was done and I didn’t have to stress about scheduling any of the appointments or figuring out when on earth i’d do it.

It was already a good week, but gosh, that REALLY made my week.

Thanks Dan, I LOVE YOU!

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