Freaky fast

Like faster than Jimmy John’s freaky fast sandwich delivery.  And it was HOT.

Here is a little bit about Saturday’s race winner.

Scott Rantall wins Frankenthon

Amazing, I doubt I can even run 1 mile at his pace. I couldn’t help but smile….even when he lapped me, lol.

Ok so now you know I didn’t win 😉  It was a victory for me in many ways.  I made it through my last 20 miler (ok, it was more than that), I felt the best i’ve ever felt in that distance, and I feel GREAT afterwards.  Tiny bit stiff Saturday, barely sore yesterday or today.

Now to focus on recovery.  I know my body is still not well, but this gives me great hope.  If I can keep feeling well and staying in 1 piece.  There have been days where I couldn’t even function properly and then to have 2 great running experiences in a row?  Yeah, I’m all smiles right now.


2 thoughts on “Freaky fast

  1. Junieb says:

    you confuse me MsMelissa. One minute you say no more full marathons, then you say maaaaaaaaaaaybe San Antonio, and then you do this one too?

    Confusion abounds but congrats on another finish.

    • I signed up at packet pickup the day before the race. I wasn’t going to do it and was going to stick with SA only. But I needed to do at least a 20 for the training run that morning and I felt I needed to be around a group to mentally get through it.

      SA will happen but I wasn’t sure and still not sure if it’ll be the full. If the weather is too warm or i’m not recovered, it’ll be the half.

      After that, I am pretty sure I will be taking a break from the full. I have halves I’ve already committed to

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