Weekend wellness

Getting ready to set off on a 223 mile adventure and then hopefully 2 days of RNR with my parents.

Upon my return, I have a pretty hectic week with work meetings, extracurricular meetings after work, and finally another follow-up with Endocrinologist #1.  I’m going to ask her opinion on me doing the San Antonio marathon, which I registered for last year.  If she says no, then so be it.  I take pride in the training i’ve already put in.  If she’ll let me do the half, I will, if not, I will just have to live with it.  My health is worth more than race memories or a medal.

Speaking of my appointment next week, i’d already planned on talking to the doctor about the source of the cortisol, which is really the reason she has me coming in.  To test to see if it’s something internal or something I did or am doing that is causing it.  I’ve been eager to talk to  her and wish I could have gotten in with her sooner.

I’ve been doing a lot of research, so I have plenty of questions for her.   My buddy Nicole sent me an article yesterday that I’d run across before in my research, that I plan on showing the Dr.  I hadn’t been able to find that article again, i’m glad she sent it.  It has to do with endurance sports and cortisol levels.   It’s definitely worth the discussion with the Dr., even though the onset of all of this was in the off-season, it hasn’t gotten any better.  I am open to any ideas at this point.

Adios, have a terrific weekend!  Catch you on Monday 🙂

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