Beat up

In an effort to loosen up from Saturday’s run and maybe lower my skyrocketing cortisol levels, I went in Tuesday evening to have my legs worked on.

Beth was a nice lady and boy was she strong for being an older lady.  Holy heck!  I would love to see what my cortisol did while she was working on me, because I know it wasn’t going down.

I really needed it. I am sure it’ll do me a great deal of good and I probably should have had it done Monday night (better timing). I will say, even though I told her to only go 75% on me since I have an event this weekend, it was intense. I thought I was going to pass out. 

I’m not a baby.  I’ve had work done before, just never for this long.  Or maybe my legs were never this jacked up.  I usually wince but like it at the same time, because I know it’s beneficial and i’m weird like that. 

We’ll see how it all feels in the coming days and how my body responds to the work I had done. So far, I am not sore at all, but I am usually a day 2 sore person.

So Beth was my favorite and least favorite person of the day yesterday.  Ask me again in a few days, lol!


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