I made it through the 20 miler.  I feel fine.  Not great, but fine.  Some scattered rain in Cedar Park today made the humidity super high, which in turn, was pretty challenging.  I am ok with the pace and overall how the run went. 

I hadn’t been doing ice baths yet this season, I did one today.  Much to my surprise, Dan was getting out of bed when I walked in door with the ice.  I like it so much better when someone pours it on me.  So I put on my hoodie and let him torture me with the ice.  He ended up staying in there in chatting with me, so that made it better also.  I hadn’t really seen him in the last week, so we got caught up.

I’m really going to do everything I can to make sure I recover from the miles today as best I can.  I’ve been fine so far this season, but I have an important next couple of weeks.  I just hope my body will cooperate with me.


Work has me super busy lately, either going in early or staying late.  I prefer the early, but I also prefer early workouts. 

Had to cancel my day-trip to Houston this week due to a huge briefing that has to happen on the same day.  I’m disappointed that I don’t get to go, but it’s necessary.  It’s also necessary that I write the presentation and prepare all of the materials for whoever goes in my place 😦  But I can’t afford to be out all day in another city.

Another busy week ahead, training for Girl Scout leaders, promoting Decker Challenge at the Rogue store in Cedar Park on Wednesday, grand opening of chiro office in Round Rock on Thursday, and in Corpus Christi for portions of next weekend.

Endocrinologist #1 called yesterday to let me know that my 24 hour test I did last Sunday came back.  My cortisol was off the charts.  5 times the level it should have been.  I was to make an appointment to speak to her about more testing.  However, after talking to the appointment scheduler, I couldn’t get anything better than the appt I have in 1.5 weeks.  Patience, patience.

Despite this week being 100 miles an hour, I’m doing well.  I felt ok this week, decent workouts, made it through the 20 mile long run, Dan is back in town, and work is under control (for now).  Looking forward to a relaxing Saturday.


5 thoughts on “Success

      • 😉 Well, I haven’t run it yet. Or even completely made my mind up yet. I am leaning toward a downgrade. Only because the Dr didn’t really give me a very good answer. In fact, her answer kind of pissed me off more than anything, because it was so uneducated and guess-like.

        I have 2 more tests on Friday, but it may be weeks for the results 😦 I may make a game time decision. I feel alright after this past weekend, so maybe there is hope.

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