House arrest

Ok, not really, but it got your attention, didn’t it?


I am confined to home until tomorrow at 6 am for a 24 hour medical test.  At least I’m getting a ton done around the house 😉  Tomorrow I have appointments with Endocrinologist #1 and then 2 hours later, with Endocrinologist #2.  Neither of which was told me much of anything.  Did I mention I have to fast before the first one?  Fasting and I do NOT get along.

I had a meeting with Endo #2 on Wednesday.  Can’t say I like her.  She was pretty blunt and didn’t really allow me to talk.  I have to go back tomorrow though, because she won’t give first visit test results over the phone.  How convenient.  She also said no to treating my Hashimoto’s. 

Can’t say I really even have an idea of what she tested me for other than some pituitary gland function stuff.  Beginning to think my right arm hates me, because it took forever for this draw.  Oh and she thinks I need my memory tested.  Great. 

*Sigh* I’ve been to more stupid medical appointments in the last 6 months than the whole rest of my life combined.


I originally planned my long for Thursday because I was leaving for Fort Worth for work later than morning and would be there through Saturday morning.  That changed and I got to bogged down with changes happening in the office, so trip canceled.

I opted to run Friday instead with AK, because she needed it that day and I wanted company.  SO glad I had company.  I felt arthritic starting out and I didn’t shake it until 6 miles in! Thank goodness it was a cut-back week.  The next 7 were fine.  I’m pretty sure if she wasn’t there, I would have not finished what was planned.

Being in the office after this Friday’s run compared to last Friday’s was night and day.  Last Friday I was fine.  I could barely move this past Friday.  I made sure I was walking as much as I could, but it was hard.

Saturday morning I woke up feeling fine.  Coached sister through her 6 mile long.  Then we volunteered at Marathon Kids the rest of the morning.  Happy stuff.


Taco Chili in the crockpot, need to do more prep work later today.  Trying to try new things for snacks and breakfasts. I still miss dairy, I really liked cheese, yogurt, and cottage cheese for snacks. 

Dan is gone for a week for work again to upstate New York.  I’ve never been to NY.  I am pretty sure though that it rains there and is less than 95 degrees.  We are still waiting on rain, nothing since the 1 shower we had in June. 

Hoping in the next week to get caught up on my DVR, projects, and my google reader.  I usually read blogs during my lunch, but these days i’ve been eating while working, so blogs aren’t read as much (or I read them in weird places like in the tub off my phone, lol!).

I think once I get past the Dr.’s appointments on Monday, it’ll be a great week!


3 thoughts on “House arrest

  1. Oh I just hate it when it takes so long to settle into a run. Usually by mile 4 if I’m feeling all out of sorts I’m ready to throw in the towel. Sometimes you just gotta stick it out though. Even if you don’t like the doc, maybe, just maybe she will have some answers….fingers crossed at least.

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