Race Review: Silicon Labs Marathon Relay

Sunday morning marked my 7 year anniversary as an Austin resident and my 3rd year of running with the ARC Angels for the Austin Marathon Relay 🙂

We ran with our core Angels:  AK, Megan, and myself and 2 newbies.  They were new to our team, but very much not new to running.

Ruth ran our 1st leg, which was the 12K.  She got to start at 7:15 and she said that already the heat and humidity was killer. 

Crystal ran the 2nd leg, which was the first of the 10Ks.  Apparently all of the mile markers were backwards and she didn’t wear a Garmin, so that freaked her out (I would have too).

Megan ran the 3rd leg, which is the 2nd of the 10Ks.

AK ran the 4th leg, which was the 1st of the 5K legs.  This is usually my leg. 

And then the 5th leg.  The race program called this the caboose.  Anchor, caboose, whatever.   Here is my caboose being the caboose.

The course is not hard, however, the heat every year is hard.  This was the hottest weather they’ve ever had (and they started the first couple of years doing this in July!).  The last 2 years, the sun really got to me in the middle and end of the course.  No shade, nothing but wide open asphalt.

So this year, because we were under a heat advisory and I wanted to be smart.  I held back for the first half.  I still wasn’t sure how I’d feel, expecting the sun to get me when I turned around to complete the last half.  It was hot, but not as hot as I remembered last year.

I finished fast and strong.  And I think I had more in me.  I ran a course PR for myself, but about 10 seconds slower that AK.  I know I could have run faster, I held back too much in the beginning and middle for sure. 

What really stinks is, while I am really proud of our 3rd place in open women’s division, we were less than a minute out of first place.  I am certain I could have run fast enough to get us into 2nd place, possibly even 1st the margin was VERY narrow.

The timing overall was accurate, but our splits were all screwed up, so I have no idea how fast any of us really ran, other than Garmin times.  I started mine early, before AK cross into transition, so I could get the handoff from her, so not sure how close my Garmin time was to the actual chip.

I need to retire that singlet.  It’s way too darn short.  Makes my shorts look like I have them pulled up to my neck!

I don’t usually say this, but it made me want to do another 5K!


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