Happy Birthday Sister!


Started off Saturday with the Rescue Run 5K, which benefitted Williamson County Humane Society.   The weather was GORGEOUS and actually cool.

Mom, sister, and I were registered for the 5K.  We all wore pink and black, lol!

Dad and sister’s boyfriend were registered for the 1 mile doggie walk.  They never left the house.  Guess motivation was lacking to walk a mile.

I ran with sister, to help support her.  She thinks she PR’d.  Not sure because she’s run probably ten 5Ks ever, but only had 1 of them chip timed  (other than this one) and that was 5 years ago.

Mom Galloway’d on her own.  No PR.  It was her best racing weather she’s had, I was surprised.

The race was good overall.  It was SO hard to be at the animal shelter though.  The course ran down the main road and around the new high school (rural area).  But my car was parked by one of the kennels.  I cried at least twice before I even got out of my car.  I hadn’t been to a shelter since I got Chanel, because I am way too senstive. 

I really want a dog, but Dan and I are never at home.  I even bonded with one of the new intake dogs but I know Dan is probably right when he says no.  I need to not let the fact I want a running buddy and someone to keep me safe when Dan’s always gone not get in the way of the reality of being super busy and always gone. 


That night we headed to Garrido’s for dinner in downtown Austin.  

Dan rode his bike to dinner, so he’s red from the heat and his helmet.  He was heading south after dinner for a charity rally on Sunday.

Dan had the biggest shrimp chile relleno i’ve ever seen.  I tasted the chile and the shrimp, it was GOOD!

I had a taco plate with charro beans and rice.  I chose 3 different tacos.  Just happens that 95% of their menu is gluten free, minus the fried items.

Roasted chicken, caramelized onions, cheese,
lettuce, and pico de gallo

Pork Carnitas, pineapple, habanero salsa
& pickled onions

Coffee marinated steak, onion, asadero cheese
chipotle horseradish aioli & pico de gallo

It was good, but the rice was a fail.  I am just SO picky when it comes to rice at Mexican Restaurants.  It was supposed to be cilantro rice, I didn’t like it.  The tacos were good, but I wouldn’t order the chicken again, it wasn’t that exciting.  The beef and the pork were both very good and they had some of the best corn tortillas I’ve ever had. 

Sister wanted money for workout clothes, so my parents gave her cash money and I got her a big fat gift card to Luke’s Locker.

On the way out, we had to have a photo with the Ta-Cow!  Still amazed that CowParade Cows are still popping up everywhere! 

After they all had dessert, I drove mom and sister to show them the turnoffs for their Sunday morning long runs and then headed back North.

Great evening!  Happy Birthday Sister!


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