Far and away


DOR for me today.  This week is all screwy because of my sister’s birthday and her wanting us all to do a 5K on Saturday.  With that being planned, I had to move my long, which threw off the Friday DOR I was trying to get back to.   It’s part of life and being flexible is key.

Instead, I opted to attend a WW meeting instead at a local church (to free up my evening tomorrow).  I can safely say I will not go back to that one.  I simply cannot stand negativity and whining, especially coming from 30+ people my mom’s age or older.  It’s no wonder most of them are seing no success. 1 lady spoke and had the same mindset as me.  I know it’s weird, but I had to tell her afterward that her attitude was refreshing. 


My didn’t start off so well.  Had a dentist appointment in the AM.  I somehow chipped one of my teeth on the way to San Francisco last month, so I need that fixed.  Plus I have a cavity.  Don’t understand how I made it this far in life having no dental problems and now they appear.

I scheduled everything for Friday.  Unfortunately later in the day the Dr. decided he didn’t want to work Friday afternoon and cancelled my appointment.  Looks like it’ll have to wait until October.

Speaking of medical, my first test result came in from my regular doctor.  I don’t have Lyme disease.  I was annoyed the Dr. even tested for it.  I haven’t been in the woods, especially in the Eastern US, which is something they usually screen for before testing you.  unnecessary and random if you ask me.


While Dan’s away, I love to try new recipes that I know he won’t eat (or I just make them for my lunches).    This week I tried Mother Rimmys Italian Zucchini Quinoa Casserole .  Dan won’t eat quinoa, he says it a texture thing.

The only modification I made was to leave the cheese out.  I actually added it to mine when serving.  I am sure  more casserole like with the cheese binding it, but I didn’t have any shredded dairy free cheese.  I had some regular cheese that I could have used, but my little experiment trying to eat yogurt went horribly wrong, so the dairy is out again.

Served with garlic herbed tilapia, roasted asparagus, and broccoli.

I don’t even want to know what Dan ate for dinner tonight.  They usually do fine dining all week long  at the trade show and their big entertaining dinner was tonight.  I am sure it was insanely over the top.  Those boys don’t mess around when it comes to fancy restaurants and good food.  Pretty sure he’s chowing down on a $200 filet mignon right now, lol.


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