Woman trains for marathon with McDonald’s as fuel

I applaud her for raising money for Ronald McDonald House.  It’s a great charity.  And running a marathon isn’t easy, doesn’t matter how many you’ve done. (she’s done 9) 

The thought of eating at McDonald’s that often makes me want to vomit.  In fact, the only use I have for McDonald’s is in this order:  emergency bathroom, something to drink, a snack.  And that’s only if I can’t find any other place to do/get those things.  I can’t even stand the smell of walking into one.  The last time I ate there, I was out of town and needed a light/meal snack.  So I got their asian salad.  It was decent, but I’d never be able to stretch that into a real meal, i’d be starving shortly afterward. 

I know she’s under a Dr’s care, but I would think that as evidenced in Supersize Me, that it would cause some health issues, even if you were really active.  And maybe she burns a lot more calories training than I do, but I’d think she’s taking in a ton of excess calories and saturated fats.  I burn just over 1800 calories for a full marathon.  Not sure how far that goes at McDonald’s, but considering I wouldn’t touch 95% of the items on their menu, I guess I don’t really have to worry about that.

I’ve also noticed in her training log, she’s been sick a lot.  May just be a coincidence, but thinking the stress of training and the lack of balanced nutrition you get from eating junk, may not be the best for your immune system or running recovery.  Just a thought.

I have no issues with eating burgers and fries.  But they better be good quality and I don’t do it everyday.  I ate one yesterday in fact, but it sure as heck didn’t come from McDonald’s. 

I guess who am I to judge?  She’s an adult, raising money for charity, and an experience marathoner and she’s way faster than me, even with junk food for fuel.


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