Burger time


Got up earlier than I usually do on Saturday.  I wanted to do the dark and early first part of my run with the Ship of Fools.  I knocked out the first 8 at a slower pace, but comfortable.   After that, most people were running with the bigger group, I chose to go solo after that because I didn’t want to stop (stopping for me means stiffness)  Ran the last 9 at a faster pace.  Still not where I want to be, but it’s what I can do with my current physical state and I made it through all 17, so I took it.  And no ACL festival food smells this year!  (usually it smells like popcorn, fried food, and stale beer).  I HATE food smells when I am running, doesn’t matter what it is.

I’m pleased.  I have been worried about today’s run for a week.  I was so scared I wouldn’t be able to finish it.   The weather was also not a cool as I thought it would be and the humidity was pretty high.  Despite all of that, still a decent effort.  MUCH better than anything else I’ve attempted in the last 2 weeks 🙂


After the run, tried to go soak in Barton Springs.  ACL had the roads closed and I couldn’t get there.  So I hit the Gold’s on 6th and Congress for my stretch session and a good shower.  The bugs near the lake are bad these days, I guess because of the low water, so I had to get that nastiness off too.

I wore my pink Auburn shirt to coordinate with my Zenzas.  Pretty sure my outfit is not Gridiron Belles approved.  Dan is out of town for their big trade show for the week.  I went to the Auburn watch party without him.

Before the party, I went to Mozart’s coffee next door.  Read blogs, relaxed by the water, and made a few turtle friends.

The view at Mozart’s and Abel’s is the same one that Hula Hut has.  It doesn’t suck.  Unfortunately AU lost, which did suck.  But at least I have a nice afternoon at the lake and met more new people at the party.


The dessert case at Mozart’s looked like heaven.  Had to remind myself of the hell i’d be feeling later if I ate any of it, since nothing was Gluten Free.   It looked like really good quality stuff too 😦

Auburn’s watch party’s are at Abel’s on the Lake.  So far, I haven’t been impressed with their food.  Last week I had fish tacos, which I didn’t care for at all.  The beans and rice were bland and the tacos were soggy.  Maybe i’m too much of a fish taco snob.  This week I had a southwest chicken salad, which was very unimpressive. 

Lunch was so unimpressive and not satisfying, I made an egg and spicy pepper hummus breakfast taco when I got home. And I vowed I would have a dinner that was awesome.

I’ve been craving a hamburger BAD.  I really wish Dan was in town to enjoy with me.  Nothing a trip to the newest location of Mighty Fine Burgers in Cedar Park couldn’t take care of.

I got it to go since I was flying solo.  Added an Udi’s bun and DF cheese when I got home 🙂   Sweet potato fries with Emeril’s essence on them, because it’s good on everything.

That’s probably another reason I don’t eat burgers as often as i’d like, because I don’t think it’s the same without a bun and i’m not exactly wild about carrying my own food.  (I did do it the last time I went there).  I’m not a huge bread person, but i’m just not a fan burgers and sandwiches without the bread, it’s just not the same to me.  I may need to start being more willing to take my own bun if I really want something like that when we are out.

I need to remember to get the bigger one next time, I say that every time we go there.

What’s for dessert?

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