Where I stand

I haven’t really updated on the medical issues, because there really isn’t much to say.   (and I was superstitious, thinking if I talked about it, it would jinx progress in figuring things out).

I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s two weeks ago.  It’s an auto-immune disease.  An answer, right?  Wrong.  My levels are not treatable.  They say eventually it will be a problem, but right now my levels aren’t off enough to treat.  Because of this, they don’t think this is causing all of my problems.  Although my problems are pretty text-book for the disease.  They said since my levels aren’t really off, there must be another cause.

Had another round of blood work done last week, this time for adrenal issues.  That too came back off.  Endocrinologist wanted me to do an overnight test.

Yesterday I had a followup with my regular Dr, who doesn’t really think it’s the adrenal thing, but since I was going to the lab anyhow this morning, he ordered a battery of different tests.  7 vials worth.

So here I sit again, wondering if any of these tests will show anything.  I’m hoping that one day soon, I get some answers.

So that’s the medical side. 

Physically and emotionally I have been a wreck for the last two weeks.  The last decent run I had was exactly 2 weeks ago.  I’ve struggled with all runs, even the short ones.  The best way i’d describe it is that my body is tired and feels like it’s always recovering from a hard workout.  After runs, I feel fine.  The before and during hasn’t been good lately.

There is more to life than working out, but those other parts of my life are hard too.  I couldn’t stand at a concert last week.  I’m still not sleeping well at night.  When I wake up, it takes me about an hour to shake the stiffness in my legs.   Some days I have reactions to food I eat.  And I get upset and frustrated about the situation a lot.  God Bless Dan.  He’s seen me cry way too much lately.

I do not feel like myself.  Most days lately I feel like i’m twice my age at least.

I’m not giving up hope.  Just hoping some answers are near.

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