How I like it

“I like it how I like it”

That’s what Dan’s boss’ saying is.  Dan is the same way.  They just like things a specific way and that’s the ONLY way to do them.

I’ve come to realized I am like that and about the weirdest things…

Gym shower.  At all Gold’s locations I always use the first one on the right.  Not the downtown location, I like the 2nd one on the left.  Weird.

Work hours.  I work at 7:30.  It really bothers me if I am not at work before 7.  No, I don’t get to leave early or get paid more if I get to work earlier.

Oatmeal.  I like to eat it with my little plastic baby spoons.  I just do.

Running.  I simply cannot run on a treadmill for more than a small amount of time.  I have total ADD when it comes to that.  It doesn’t matter if there is music or tv.  The only exception is intervals and I’d rather do that outside too.   If all else fails, adaptive motion is a great run simulator.

Walking with Dan.  I can’t stand to walk on the right side of him, I think it’s because I am left-handed and I don’t like him in the way of my left hand, lol.  Despite this, somehow I always end up sitting on his right side, which is annoying, because he’s right-handed and I’m left.  If his arm gets in my way, I can eat with the other hand. 

Plastic drinking cups.  For some reason, I prefer drinking out of plastic cups at home.  In the evenings, Dan drinks out of our glasses and I drink out of cups.

Jewelry.  I always wear a watch and ring to work, but I don’t wear it during work.  It annoys me to wear them because I type so much and they get in the way.

I always workout with no jewelry but earrings.  I think I look like a boy if I don’t have earrings on.

Hotel Travel.  If I am staying in a hotel with someone else, I always have to have the side of the best closest to the bathroom.  It’s so my blind self is less likely to fall or crash in the dark.

Those are just some of my oddities that I’m particular about.  We all have them, right?


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