Mask the bad, tout the good!

My cut-back long sucked on Saturday.  Top worst runs ever.  The pain in my middle and my muscle fatigue was almost too much to bear.  I finished it, but it was not good.

Instead of dwelling on that negativity, I wanted to share something positive I did in the last week…..

Monday after mom and I worked out, we went downtown to volunteer at the Avia Austin Triathlon.  I’ve volunteered twice for a tri, but it was on the front end.  This was my first time ever attending one.

Town lake swim waves

Luckily most people cleared the swim before the wind went bonkers.

The bikes were wizzing by so fast!  I was so scared of seeing crashes.  Especially with dumb spectators randomly running across the roads!

We worked the run course with runner direction.  I did Olympic course direction, mom did finish line direction for the Sprint and Olympic. 

lol, it was hard to take photos, point, and yell at the same time.  No good run-course photos.  I lost my voice after high-winds and dust storm + yelling course turns for 3 hours.  It was worth it though!

The event was alot of fun, but I think next time i’d like to do bike or swim course to learn more.  Although I guess it does help to have knowledgable people on the course in the areas they know about.  Running I can handle 😉

And no, I still don’t want to do one myself, but I applaud all of the athletes on competing in a great sport!

From the athletes point of view:  Here is a really good race report on the course and experience by Cook, Train, Eat, Race and another at The Life I Tri


5 thoughts on “Mask the bad, tout the good!

    • It was a great experience. Won’t be my last time working one 😉
      I usually do running events, both participating and volunteering, it was a fun change of pace and I love all types of sports.

      Keep up the great racing!

  1. Echo Jason’s comments. Thanks for the link and for your help at the race. My favorite was if a volunteer took a minute to read my name on the bib and then shouted “You got this, GREG.” It confused me at first, but then remembered my name was on the bib. Volunteers make all of these races happen!

    If you have the opportunity to volunteer at a full Ironman that is where you will learn a lot, especially working transition areas. Stick around once your done and be sure to be at the finish line from 10 pm to Midnight. It is truly special!

    Thanks again!

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