Wasting my Wednesday

Had a hard time sleeping last night.  I found out the fires down the street were arson. Yes, someone set the fires on purpose.  Suspects are four 15 year olds, 2 girls and 2 boys.  Blows my mind and makes me so angry.  What on earth is wrong with people?  Those stupid and careless teens ripped people’s lives apart.  I hope they are found and punished to the fullest extent of the law.

I woke up with a sore throat, swollen eyes, and sinus issues, likely due to the smoke from the fires which are all over Central Texas.  I chose not to do my usual Wednesday mid-week run.  Plus I had to fast until 9 am for another test, so I didn’t think running was a great idea due to that either.

Went to the medical center to have more blood work done.  Hope this one turns something up.  I had 2 upsetting phone calls last week on my last tests, which lead to these tests.  Hopefully they will find something that is TREATABLE soon. 

The smoke was so bad as I approached Austin, that it looked like dense fog.  Apparently because of the air temps, it was keeping the smoke low and heavy.  It remained that way through my office window until late afternoon, when it got warmer, the smoke faded away.  But the smell was still distinct.  It smells like heartbreak and devastation.

I had serious motivation issues at work today.  I went back in because I couldn’t justify staying at home all week and the thought of work piling up for no reason was eating away at me.  I at least made progress through all of my calls and emails (I was only out 2 working days!).  

I would have much rather been volunteering with fire relief or making a difference in the community.  I decided that in the coming month, I will take the vacation time I was supposed to be using this week and put it into the relief efforts.  I had 2 co-workers from my old office who lost absolutely everything in Bastrop.

Just really a funk of a day.  Not a bad day, just sad.  My heart hurts for Texas right now.


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