Race Report: Zilker Relay

Total time 1:11:48, total distance 10 miles , average pace 7:15.  3rd place in our division.  We kept our core of our 3 usual gals (Angelica, Megan, and myself) and recruited Barbara to be our 4th angel.

It was hot.  Over 100 degrees.  I was worried, because I do almost no running in heat, because most of my runs are before the sun comes out or in the early morning.  Plus, like last year, I did my long run earlier that day.  The long run went better than last week, but still not where I should be.

Before the race, I was dealing with stupid Tropical Storm Lee and my trip, 2 upsetting phone calls from my Dr. and the Endocrinologist, and not feeling all that great.  I think the stress from all of the above was really getting to me and causing me to feel poorly.

Despite that, I ran over a minute faster than last year.  Ran the 2nd fastest time on the team (narrow margin).  Beat a girl who was a track star at my high school. 

Sweaty success!


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