Everything it’s hatched up to be

It’s that short time of year when the lovely Hatch green chiles are in season. 

I said I wouldn’t do it myself this year, but Sunday looked like this.

Not sure why I didn’t buy the whole case, I bought almost all of the hot Hatch peppers that HEB had (1 box).  I don’t do mild.

Then I got to cleaning

And prepping, just lay them out on a pan

Or do them on grill or open gas stove

It was 112 in Austin area on Sunday, so I was not about to do the gas grill (even in the morning when I did this) or do all 15 pounds on top of my stove.  Instead I opted for the broiler.  Took me an hour to do all of them.

Gotta get them nice and charred.  You peel that part off anyhow.  After charring them, put in a plastic bag or container to sweat the skin loose.  Makes them easier to peel.

Peel the charred skin off, de-seed.  You can then chop or store whole.  I did a little of each.  About 1 handful per freezer bag.  I ended up with 8 bags, plus 1 container to keep in the fridge for the week.

Then pop into the freezer to have awesome Hatch all year long!

Later you can make tasty things like Cheesy Hatch breakfast tacos (3 WW P+)

And Gluten Free hatch grilled cheese with smoked provolone. (6 WW P+)

Or my attempt at knocking off Chuy’s Green Chile Stew from their festival menu this year (my lunch this week with veggies and salad).

My version worked out to 6 WW P+.  Turned out really good, but different than theirs.  I may need to have theirs 1 more time to figure out the difference 😉

In my crockpot for 6 hours on low I layered 1 large sliced onion, 1 pound of potatoes, 1 bag of frozen carrots, 2 bay leaves, 1 pound of chicken breast.  Poured on top, 1 can of FF cream of chicken soup.  When it was almost done, I added a half cup of roasted hot green chiles and a jar of fire roasted tomatillo salsa.  Garnished with thick diced tomatoes.


6 thoughts on “Everything it’s hatched up to be

  1. I totally need to do this! I love hatch chilies! I wish my freezer were bigger – I think it’s a little silly for me to get a stand alone freezer in the garage when I live alone! LOL!

    • they make smaller chest freezers, that’s what I have in my garage. It was cheap at Lowe’s at takes up almost no space. Great for keeping things that are seasonal like green chiles, peaches, nuts, etc. Plus I keep all of my frozen meat out there to free up space in the house

  2. Erin says:

    This sounds delicious! I MUST know where you found/the brand of the Gluten Free Cream of Chicken Soup (we’ve missed it so).

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