Super sweaty Saturday

Started off with this

Odd, it’s usually full on sweaty.  This time it just looked like I peed all over myself!  I started earlier than I had been though.  All pavement would have been best, I don’t slow down or tense up on pavement in the dark.  I did partial trail which made me paranoid of a fall (not sure why, never fallen in the dark).  Ok run overall, but my pace just isn’t where I want it.  At least I can still make it through my runs though.

Showered, went to Coffee Bean and Leaf to meet up with AK.  Hadn’t seen her in too long!  She’d just finished 20 miles, so we had drinks and caught up 🙂

Then jetted over to Zilker Park for the Austin SEC picnic.  Dan was already there helping set up camp for Auburn. 

Made my mom’s taco dip per Dan’s request.  Notice he’s doing some quality assurance on it, 😉

Great turn out (over 40 people for the AU alumni club).  All of the SEC schools were there.  LOTS of babies. 

 I had to leave early for a sorority alumni event, but I was there for the first hour.  Really cute set-up.

Lots of great food.  I didn’t eat much, because I knew i’d be having Chuy’s shortly after that.

Not sure I could have handled the 111 degree heat all day long.  In the shade it wasn’t so bad, but the half mile back to my car was brutal.  I looked a mess when I got to my next stop, which was Chuy’s in Round Rock.

After all was said and done and it was evening, Dan and I wound up going to the movies to see “Our idiot brother”.  It was good, not fabulous, but good.

Long day, but great fun.  Got to meet new people at the SEC picnic and the sorority meet-up.  Plus get some relaxation in there too with AK and at the movies.

Successful Saturday, although next time i’ll pass on 110 degrees!


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