Chuy’s Green Chile Fest, visit #2

Chuy’s in Round Rock on Saturday for sorority alumni meet-up late lunch.

Another Green Chile day!

I got charro instead of refried beans.  I don’t really like Mexican rice, but their Green Chile rice is good. 

Overall, this one was GREAT!  Loved it.  I would definately order this again.  Too bad it’s a limited time only.  They kept warning me that this was the hottest dish on their menu.  It was pretty warm, in that great green chile kind of way 🙂

Will see about making this at home, seems like it would be easy.  I’m pretty sure Mr. Picky would like it.  Would be good with shrimp or chicken too.

My sister got the Southwestern Enchiladas, which she liked.  She also had the new peach sangria margarita.

I didn’t make it into any of the photos or the group photo at the end 😦  I had to leave early to get a haircut.  The place I usually go, Baby Face Too, in Leander, was having a benefit on Saturday, donating all proceeds from haircuts and refreshment sales to the victims of the most recent fire in our area (2 weeks ago), which burned over 13 houses.  I made an effort to get over there to get my hair done and support the cause!


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