Chuy’s Green Chile Fest-Visit #1

If you’ve never been to Chuys, you need to go.  They used to only be in select Texas cities, but just like Rudy’s BBQ, they are popping up all over the country!

Every year they have Green Chile Fest for 3 weeks from the end of August until mid-September.  This special menu features Hatch Green chiles in special limited time only menus.  A new menu is created each year.

Dan, my sister, and I have done Green Chile Fest every year.  It’s not unusual for us to go 3-4 times during the festival to try things off of the special menu.  The spicier the better.  I had a sick obsession with green chiles.

Thursday night before Dan and I went out to Shady Grove to see the Uncle Lucius concert, we hit up Chuy’s for GC Fest visit #1.

No two Chuy’s locations look the same.  Very eclectic.

Great humor

I decided on the Green Chile stew.  Probably the last thing I would have picked, but it sounded really interesting and I was curious. (bad phone photo) 

It was SO tasty.  I need to make this at home for myself.  Sounds like a great kitchen experiement.  My only regret is I got the small one, not the big one.  It came with a salad too.   (and of course their thin chips and salsa).  I don’t really care for their salsa much (too runny).

Dan got the Bongo Empanadas, very good and very spicy (they were actually made with corn tortillas).   Also a winner.

Every year Green Chile Fest has a theme and special swag.  Last year it was the Beatles.  This year it was super heroes (stickers, buttons, magazine, and green chile seeds).

I want to try the Bang-Pow Enchiladas next.  Heard they are the spiciest thing on this year’s menu.  Sounds delightful 🙂


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