Thanks, thoughts, and tidbits

Thanks for the supportive emails, texts, comments, and messages, I appreciate it.

Wish I could say all of the responses were positive.  I got a few that were “you didn’t have these issues when you were fat” and “it’s because of the way you eat.”

That is a true fact, I didn’t have these issues when I was fat.  But I also was at my goal weight for 3 years before I started having problems.  I am pretty sure that being healthy isn’t what is wrong with me.  The Dr. is happy with my weight, eating, and exercise habits.  And he’s very pleased that i’ve been able to maintain the healthy weight.

Yes, I eat a certain way.  A healthier way.  But I don’t deprive myself and i’m not restrictive.  Nothing is off limits, unless it’s for a medical reason (still Gluten Free for now).  I make sure I get the Weight Watchers Good Health Guidelines every day.  Most of what I put into my body is good.  Now what my body chooses to do with those vitamins and nutrients, I have no idea.  Sometimes I wonder if that’s working quite right.

Visited with my parents and my aunt about family history.  Nothing.

I’m currently waiting for another round of blood work results to come back, not even sure what was tested yesterday.

Wait and see I guess?


3 thoughts on “Thanks, thoughts, and tidbits

  1. How on earth would eating healthier possibly cause the issues? So eat poorly and that’s a-ok? I guess I would have to read the comment perhaps to understand that view point. It sounds like you have a medical issue going on and hopefully the docs can get to the bottom of it soon. I hate that you have to go through this. I will say that some of the symptoms sound similar to my MIL – she can’t eat ANY grains at all. If she has an allergy to something (like oak) she is highly sensitive to anything that might have that allergen (like she can’t have oak aged wine). It took her having a gallbladder removed and hundreds of tests and trials to finally figure it out.

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