Another dead end

Going to tell the story, it’s embarrassing, but it’s what i’ve been going through. 

A week ago was the 1 year anniversary of me having health issues.  Started off with chronic constipation.  My colon wasn’t emptying like it should.  Half the time I had trouble even sitting down, standing up I looked pregnant.  Went through 1 unreadable ultrasound ordered by my old Dr. last summer, then another ordered by my Gyno. a month later (also couldn’t be read)  and 1 catscan of my abdomen ordered by the GI specialist that I saw from October until January (showed nothing).  The GI’s conclusion was IBS and that I needed to take Miralax forever (took it for 8 months).

In the spring I got tired of it.  The Miralax wasn’t helping and I wasn’t feeling better at all.  My teeth seemed to thin out, skin issues, brittle nails and hair, plus my hair was falling out.  I felt like I was putting good stuff into my body, but my body wasn’t using them correctly.  I stopped having periods in March.  Went to my Gyno, who was my favorite Dr. and asked him what to do.  He referred me to my now current Primary Care Doctor in May.   He ordered gluten free diet, plus 2 rounds of bloodwork and several visits to see him.

May is also when things really started to go downhill.  In addition to all of the other symptoms, none of which disappeared, I started having unrestful sleep, joint pain, muscle fatigue, unexpected 5 pound gain in a short amount of time (scared my Dr).   I’d already had trouble with weights in the gym, but then running started becoming an issue too.  

Fast forward to this month.  Every workout feels like the end of a marathon.  I’ve had days where my legs were so dead, I couldn’t even stand to wash clothes or mow the grass.  My muscles don’t feel like they are recovering from workouts and don’t want to work while running.  The end of every long run, I wonder how on earth I made it that far and worry how i’ll do when the mileage increases.  Looking at the events I’ve signed up for sends me into an instant panic. Even Zilker relay which is less than a 5K. 

I didn’t really tell anyone (because I didn’t want to jinx myself), but I had an Endocrinologist appointment today to look at the neck ultrasound I had a couple of weeks ago and my bloodwork.  I spent 30 minutes trying to hold back the tears as she told me thyroid wasn’t it.  Not really sure if she’d already reviewed the panels, why I needed to pay her to tell me that’s not it.  I was really optimistic that we’d figured the right road to go down.

Here I am again.  Dead end.  They sent for more bloodwork, the 3rd time this month.  Don’t even remember what they ordered.  I had to fight back the tears then too, because I am so frustrated.  I kept looking around me at all of the really sick people at the lab and reminding myself it could be worse.

I will know sometime next week about the other labs, which I don’t expect to say anything.  I will stay gluten free for now.  I am adding dairy back into my diet.  Trying to stay off the web and reading medical journals or anything else, I seriously doubt I am going to find something a Dr couldn’t.

I’m really trying to hold my head up high and pray something gets figured out soon, but it’s really starting to take a toll on me mentally and physically. 

I just want to rewind and have the old me back.


8 thoughts on “Another dead end

  1. So sorry to hear of your struggle. 😦 I had a similar experience in PA school. Turned out to all be stress (so hard to believe at the time!). Sounded very much like a hypo-active thyroid the way your were describing it though. I would suggest vitamins and something to help you de-stress. Don’t give up!!!!


  2. Melissa,

    Email me and I will forward my wife’s (she’s a gynecologist) thoughts — entirely off-the-record — if you are interested.

    Sorry that you are having such a terrible time.


    • thanks, I really appreciate it.

      Sorry I missed you when I was up there. I didn’t run the route i’d originally planned. I parked in the first area I saw and jumped on the path. Still worked out, but not what i’d planned

  3. Hang in there. Have you tried going to a chiropractor/nutritionist that focuses on chronic illness? I found a lot of answers and solutions there when my doctors & endocrinologists kept coming up with nothing.

    • No, that’s a good idea though, I appreciate the suggestion.
      Going to see what the last round of tests shows before I decide what to do next, but nutritionist is something i’ve been leaning toward for the last year

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