Where i’ve been

I was a little MIA Thursday through Sunday while I was in Dallas.  Here’s quick recap (very edited, I had a ton of photos, especially from the conference).  No one cares about work stuff 😉

Entrance to Dallas Convention Center (I remember this from the RNR 2010 Race).

Welcome Display, thousands of GORGEOUS Tyler Roses.

There were at least a hundred of vases of the same color roses all over the convention center.  I really wanted to take a vase of them home, but I knew by time I got home, they’d be ruined.

It was a long but productive 4 days.  Worth the long hours and working through the weekend.  And it was nice to travel with my coworker that has very similar tastes in food, clothes, and entertainment.  Plus she’s a joy to be around.  Even at the mall 3 days in a row after work during tax free weekend, which was her idea.  I didn’t buy anything, can you believe that? 


Just the notables 😉

Urban Grill.  Really great salads and mediterranean inspired food and was within walking distance of the Convention Center (although what IS walking distance when it’s that hot?).  Turkey Mango Salad (salad, tomato, red onion, strawberries, mango, turkey).  Also had cheddar cheese, which I didn’t eat.  Dressed it with EVOO.  Had a ton of great flavors!  I liked it so much I ate there Thursday and Friday for lunch.  Friday I chose a different dish.

Flying Fish.  One of the best Mexican Shrimp Cocktails i’ve ever had (plus it was HUGE). Not sure why I don’t have a photo.   Everyone’s food looked so fresh and tons of great flavors.  I got my cocktail spicy, which had fresh jalapenos.  I could have eaten there every meal.

Which Wich now serving Udi’s Gluten Free sub bread!  Turkey Avocado Swiss with tons of veggies.  I love their fresh veggies, the best of any sandwich shop I know 🙂  And I love the fact that they have Minute Maid light lemonade, which I mix with their iced tea.

Desperados Mexican.  Shrimp Oaxaquenos.  Shrimp in a spicy red sauce with jalapenos, mexican zucchini, and rice.  

The food was awesome, as was their chips and salsa.  I didn’t care for their rice (I am a mexican rice snob).   They are well known for their margaritas, tacos, and their signature dessert, the fried latte.  I didn’t have room to try it, but it sounded really interesting (may be worth the trip back one day).

The winner of the 2007 State Fair of Texas “Most Creative”
deep fried food. A sopapilla topped with homemade cappuccino
ice cream, maple syrup, whipped cream and instant coffee


I stuck with the hotel gym Friday and Sunday mornings, since I didn’t have a car those days (we were multi-tasking while up there, so I gave the car to a coworker for 3 days).  For Saturday I demanded I have access to one of the cars (which I got).  I headed to White Rock Lake, where I was certain I could have a nice safe run.  I didn’t run the route i’d planned, because I pulled into the first lot I saw, parked, and ran.  I wish I’d started a little earlier than 6:15, but it took me longer to drive out there than I’d estimated.

Hit up a Whole Foods on the way back to the hotel to get post-run coconut water, almond butter, and fruit.  Good thing i’d gotten an early start and showered and gone to the hotel office area to work, because we had a no-show that morning and I had to run to the convention center to pick up the slack (person was not my co-worker).  So I ended up working extra hours Saturday 😦

I think the non-stop going didn’t catch up with me until today.  I’ve been dragging all morning and did not make it to the gym.  We have plans tonight after work.  Maybe I’ll do something quick after work, but that’s unlikely being as i’m half asleep still.


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