Got back to Austin late yesterday evening.  So glad I stopped at Rudy’s BBQ in Waco and got enough food for dinner and lunch today.  I almost always do that on the way home from work trips 🙂  Makes life so much easier when getting back.

Currently, trying to get laundry done but apparently I jammed my lunchbag in the agitator and that made water go all over the laundry room.  Dan is going to be thrilled.  I always wash my lunch bag (when necessary) alone.  But this time I had the bright idea to throw it in with towels.  Not smart apparently.

My new featherbed came in while I was gone and I slept on it last night.  Not sure if it’s the fact that I hadn’t really slept in 4 nights or that it was that awesome.  I will say that I actually felt rested when I woke up, which is a change from the last few months.

My feet and back aren’t achy anymore.  It still blows my mind that I can run for hours, but since i’m not used to standing, it kills my feet and back to stand still for more than a few hours.  Or 4 days straight for 8-10 hours.  Plus I ran before I did it Saturday and the bed at the hotel SUCKED.  I actually wrote about their crappy bed in my hotel survey.  That and I didn’t like their gym or their breakfast.  Hey, it was supposed to be a nice hotel, I can be picky 😉

I took a day of rest today.  Figured I needed it before my body retaliated against me some more.  I’ve been taking my DOR on Mondays lately.  After next week (scheduling conflict), I am moving them back to Friday where they belong.

Other than tired feet and back from the conference, I felt surprisingly alright while I was gone.  Wish I could say the same for today.  I got to work over an hour early, worked through lunch, and left late.  I’ve worked 28 hours this week and it’s only Monday.  FUN.  This included quite a bit of labor on Thursday and even more on Sunday.  Loading and unloading the work suburban was rough in the 107 degree heat in Dallas.  Even worse was yesterday when the conference door ushers wouldn’t allow the use of carts or dollys to leave.  I had to hand carry EVERYTHING, which was insane and very time consuming.  It’s a good thing i’m in ok shape, because we had some really heavy stuff! 

Cancelled my trip to Lubbock this week for work.  Way too many urgent matters going on with work that I need to be around for, plus a few personal things.

Onward we go!  Just another busy week, including some fun too 🙂


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