Sights of Saturday

Sweatier and dirtier run than normal at Lady Bird lake.  Started later than I wanted to, but my sister was doing 4 and I couldn’t have her waiting alone on 6th and Congress for the gym to open after her run.

I don’t care if my shoes get dirty (and they are meant to), but you should have seen my shoes and legs.  The lake always makes me dirty, but the lack of rain has made it even worse 😦  The photo doesn’t do them justice, they are completely brown.  I almost wish they were muddy, because that meant it rained.

Got ready at Gold’s on Congress, then headed to South Congress.  Checked out some of the Cow Parade Cows on the way.  Here are a few we saw…

Grabbed some Coconut Water, a pear, and some mixed nuts from the Farm to Market store.  Then a trip to Tesoro trading to pick up the coveted 3 legged good-luck pigs from Chile.  (i’d bought a few as gifts last year after hearing about them from Dan’s coworker).  Bought myself one too, I need some good luck in my life.

Saw this while there, just in case you miss your own drunken friends, you can buy hand-carved wooden ones from Mexico for $89

Popped over to Parts and Labour, which always has the most fun gifts and trinkets (if you can’t read it, “My other car is my effing legs.”

Monkey See, Monkey Do which has gifts, gags, and fun.  I bought 2 new magnets for my office with snarky sayings on them, paper Twitter for Dan.  I thought this was pretty funny though.  

The shop was full of great funny things that no one really needs, like the Pot Holder

I don’t believe in using drugs, never have.  But that’s funny stuff.

Finished off sister time with a late lunch at Berryhill Baja grill.  It’s based in Houston, but we only have ONE here and it’s not exactly close to us.  Plus I have 2 Groupons to use there before September 10th, so got our fish tacos on.   Tried their roasted corn this time and it was great.  From now on, I am skipping their other sides, that I never eat anyhow, and getting my tacos a la carte with some of that awesome corn.

No food photos.  I’ve posted from there before, they aren’t that pretty anyhow 😉

Long overdue on the sister time.  It was nice, but i’m so busy lately, I just haven’t had the chance.  I really need to persuade her to start doing once a week lunches again, since we both work North of Austin.  I’m usually in the office during the week and maybe it’ll break my habit of eating and working through lunch.

Happy Saturday!


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