Things I like Thursday: dinner dates

Even if those dinner dates are with 12 other people 😉  Here’s the whole crew in front of the mural at our hotel after the company dinner.  Yes, I am the least dressed and the most cold!

Epic Roasthouse near the Bay Bridge in San Francisco on Sunday night

I chose to sit near the fireplace, hoping they’d light it.  No such luck.

Our waiter was a recent immigrant from Italy.  He was pretty dreamy, although I couldn’t understand much he said 😉  One lady at the table flirted with him pretty hard all night long.  Pretty sure he was scared.

A little bread platter to start.  Fresh sourdough, corn wafers, and cheese drops.  I heard the sourdough was great, the rest was ok.  Didn’t stop 12 people from eating 6 plates of it over the course of the meal.  I didn’t realize SF was so into bread, it was EVERYWHERE (I also didn’t know that’s where sourdough originated, yeah, i’m slow).

For appetizer, I ordered the “Minimally Manipulated Raw Seafood of the Day” (title still makes me giggle), which was Tuna Tartar with herbed pesto.  This is the only tuna I had all weekend, it’s actually not on a lot of menus out there. I’m not usually all raw except for sushi, but this was delightful!  I shared with Dan and Lacey, they are also tuna lovers (it was much bigger than it looks).

Giant heirloom tomato caprese tower for Dan and a few others at the table.  I tasted the tomato and some cheese with the basil pesto sauce.  It was quite tasty.  Dan didn’t really care for the herbed biscuit on the top and bottom.

I was conflicted on what to order for dinner.  Half the table, including Dan, got the “steak and cake” which was a filet of beef and a crab cake.  I opted for the Wood Oven Roasted Whole Fish (sebring) with Cranberry Beans, Scarlet Turnips and Coriander Seed Vinaigrette.

Thank goodness they debone it for you.  Fish carcasses at the table freak me out.   I liked the sides more than the fish, it was good.  Don’t think that is my favorite type of fish.

I didn’t photograph all of the sides, but we had at least 10 pass and serve sides.  I tried the sauteed mushrooms, the potato onion pie (not really a pie), baked potato, and the roasted potatoes.

Dan told me about 100 times that his food was awesome.  He had the steak and cake, plus the mac and cheese (he claims top 3 ever). I had a bite of the inside of the crab cake and it was really good. 

I pouted during dessert, because there was nothing I could eat.  Everyone at the table got something except for me and I really had a hankering for sweet.  There are no pictures, I was protesting!  Dan got french toast with maple ice cream and fruit.  He gave me a few blackberries.  Yay?  He said it was good, but didn’t have room to eat it all. 

Everyone headed back to the hotel bar after our 3 hour dinner.

Hotel Bar curtain=cheesy.  Prom poses anyone? 

Bad hand placement, makes my butt look ginormous!

I headed to bed since I don’t drink.  Plus it was late, I was tired, and i’m an old lady 😉


2 thoughts on “Things I like Thursday: dinner dates

  1. melissa, you are so skinny, and yes I use the word skinny, that nothing in this world could make your butt look big. seriously, looking at these photos lately of you, and there is not another word for it BUT skinny.

    so glad u enjoyed san fran. its one of my favorite places.

    • Ouch, I hate that word. I think I look the same as I have. I wasn’t saying my butt was big, just that his hand made my dress lay weird creating that illusion.

      I really did enjoy it, I am dying to go back already. 3 days wasn’t enough.

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