Sunday Funday

First stop Sunday morning.   Zeitgeist biker bar, I found it on CitySearch.  Best Bloody Mary’s in Cali.  Long trolley ride, but Dan said he thinks it really is one of the best.  Total dive, but that’s probably what made it so fun.  And we even met a guy who randomly told us he loves Lucero, lol.

Enjoying it until the end

I even had a sip and liked it, and I don’t even like them generally.  It was super hot, so even if I wanted to, that’s all that I could handle, and I can handle hot.  Honestly, I just wanted the lemon and the pickled green bean. 

Met one of the other couples and then headed to Boudin’s Bakery for lunch.  It was my idea, i’d walked by it several times and thought it was one of those local places we had to try.  Dan said that was the best grilled cheese he’s ever had (on their fresh baked sourdough).  He also had chili in a bread bowl.

I had chili and this spring salad with chicken.  The salad had Granny Smith apples, cranberries, chicken, mixed greens, tons of walnuts, and feta.  (Feta is supposed to be less reactive on your stomach, so I tried). At first I was bummed to have a salad instead of the 100 other things that involved bread on the menu.  But guess what?  The salad was EXCELLENT!  I loved it.

There was actually a moment when Dan was telling me how good that grilled cheese was, where I broke down and I said I was going to eat bread.  I was surrounded by bread all weekend and it smelled SO good.  Dan got upset with me and reminded me that if I got a reaction from it and got sick, my trip would be ruined.  He was right, but sitting just outside the bakery, smelling the bread, seeing the bread, hearing everyone talk about bread was hard.  I’m not that big of a bread person, but I do appreciate high quality bread.

So then I just joked about eating some.

Then started making our way to Alcatraz Ferry to meet the rest of our crew.

And on to the boat

Then they turned us loose on Alcatraz

I love lighthouses.  The one at Alcatraz is still active, I saw it every morning through the fog.

Sometimes I think I need one of these at home

While we were inside, the haze and fog cleared.  I  had no idea the island had so much plant and bird life, it was gorgeous!

And then we departed back to San Francisco to hurry up and get ready for the company dinner 🙂


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