Adios San Fran!

I did not want to go home Monday.  We had a noon flight out, leaving for airport at 9 am.

Dan planned on getting up at 5:30 (which is the middle of the night to him) to get ready, pack, and catch a few more sights.  I woke up at 4:30 to get one last run in, this time through Fisherman’s Wharf to Embarcadero, short 3 miler.  I saw all of maybe 3 people the whole time (2 of them worked at the Boudin Bakery and were up in the window making bready goodness).  It was cool and peaceful.

I made a trip to Starbucks for us, we got our bags to the front desk and took a cab out to the bridge, because Dan hadn’t been yet.  This is all he got to see…

Told him he’d have to look at my pictures or remember what he saw from Alcatraz.

We then jumped over to see the house from Full House.  The residents hate having people stop there (notice the ribbon across the steps).  I imagine it’s annoying.

Then I searched YELP for a good breakfast place, found one just blocks from the hotel, we’d been walking by it all week.  Hollywood Diner.  OMG, the reviewers were all right! 

Dan had bacon scramble with fresh sourdough

I had the California omelette.  Eggs, scallions, fresh crab, avocado, fresh capers (skipped the cheese, although I didn’t want to) and the best fresh California fruit.  I hate eating out for breakfast most of the time, but I could eat there every day if I had to!

Then it was off.  I don’t like flying for more than a couple of hours, so I was getting stir crazy.  Flew once again during meal-time, so I planned ahead and got the same meal from the airport location of Boudin Bakery, that I’d had Sunday and ate it once we got in the air.  Dan opted for one of the airline’s snack plates, not sure why.  There were great places to get something to go in the airport.

In Houston we stopped for 1 last time to raise some hell and get something to eat.  Too bad the food and service sucked.  Glad I never fly through that terminal.  We had a short layover in one of the smaller terminals, so choices were very limited.

Short flight to Austin and then we were home (sort of, had an hour drive to the house).  We were both BEAT.  Had 2 kitties that were happy we were home.

Last blog about the trip, I promise 😉


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