The Golden Run

Saturday morning I woke up when Dan did.  He had business meetings until the afternoon.  I had the business of trying to run.  Worried was an understatement after my fatigue on Friday.

I ran from the hotel, across the Golden Gate Bridge and back.  Best run of my life (at least mentally and scenery wise, pace was good).  Words can’t even describe it.  I am still reeling from it. 

I never run with a phone, but Dan made me take it.  Glad I did, because I could take photos 🙂

It was cold, drizzly, and 100% AWESOME.  I started from the hotel, hung a left into Fisherman’s Wharf and started toward the Golden Gate.  Mostly streets and sidewalks with a little bit of crushed granite trail.

First landmark I saw (other than the Wharf) was Ghirardelli chocolate.   Thank goodness there were no smells involved, haha!

Passed a couple of bayside parks and marinas

Gosh the bridge looks FAR

There is Alcatraz across the bay

Moving on, a little closer

Once I got closer, I realized the trail dead-ended under the bridge.  Turned around and found a way up that wasn’t the highway (which I was avoiding).  Steps.  Lots of them and STEEP.  Up I went at about mile 5, still running, didn’t want to get stiff or break my stride.

I was energized when I stepped on to the bridge

Garmie showed it was time for me to turn around to complete my scheduled 11.  No way in hell could I not finish running across the bridge to the other side.  It was only another half a mile.  YAY I made it!!!  I look like crap, but I was so happy.

I briefly scanned the area before heading back (while I downed Sports Beans, which was the only thing I had packed).

San Francisco and my hotel is somewhere over there…

Sausalito (name makes me cookie hungry)

I began back.  This is right before I exited the bridge

Instead of the steps on the way down, I found another route, a really steep hill (you pick your battles I guess).  This was 1 of 3 steep inclines on the route, although not too bad.

Retraced my same route on the way back.  Saw a really cool Hawaiian Outrigger Canoe festival and the Dolphin Club Swimmers. 

I would up with 12 miles, which was 1 more than I needed on the schedule.  Mentally I think it did me more good than I can explain.  Making it through my whole run and across the bridge seemed impossible the day before.

While I may have worn 100 layers of clothes walking around and at the ballpark, I was the least dressed runner I saw and I was completely comfortable while running in a tank and shorts.  Everyone else looked like they were expecting a blizzard, lol!  There was tons of tights, jackets, and beanies.

Made sure I walked about half a mile afterward, hit the hotel gym for stretching, water and an apple (love they had fruit in there!)

Absolutely Golden 🙂


2 thoughts on “The Golden Run

  1. sounds like an awesome run! I like how you narrate the photos.

    I did an awesome run by Ocean Beach one morning. I was upset and needed some time to myself, and we had parked our RV over by “The Great Highway” where many other RVers park right by Ocean Beach… it was the best run ever!! I dont usually bring my phone on runs either, but I’m glad I did, because I got many cool shots. I’ll have to try your run before I leave SF! Been meaning to check out the GGB…

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