Pretty Pretty Pisco in San Francisco

After my run, I got showered, snacked on some of my fresh fruit, dressed and set off with my new friend Lacey to explore Fisherman’s Wharf, while our guys were in their meetings.  Sealions, shopping, goofy hats, and Farmer’s Markets…

The tiger hat is for football season, silly I know, but I thought it was cute.  (that’s Dan’s huge hoodie I am wearing).

The guys were supposed to get out at noon, so I didn’t eat anything when Lacey grabbed her breakfast clam chowder at the wharf.  BIG mistake.  I kept thinking they were getting out and then at 1 pm, they finally did.  Then everyone hung around at the hotel bar until 2:30!  I was getting grumpy.  While they were all drinking and snacking on the snack mix at the bar (which I couldn’t eat), I was dying.  I just about rolled some heads.  I was STARVING.

We finally headed to Scoma’s at 2:45, didn’t get seated for almost an hour.  Apparently I am the only one who gets hungry?  Or maybe it’s because I wasn’t drinking, so the beer wasn’t keeping me falsely full.  I shouldn’t have worried about spoiling my meal and just ate something before the super late lunch. 

Supposedly one of the best places to eat in San Francisco.

I started off with a bay shrimp cocktail (which was tiny), good but little.  Everyone else  had raw oysters, blech.  I don’t get food that you need to mask with other things.

For my meal I had swordfish with italian grilled veggies.  Very tasty.  Worth whatever crazy price they charged for it.

Dan’s food was pretty awesome too, although he liked his co-workers roasted scallops better.  His was soft-shelled crab, prawns, and scallops, with veggies, served over rice, side of pasta with a light italian red sauce.  Not sure why it had pasta AND rice.  I ate all of his mushrooms and prawns that weren’t near his pasta.

After lunch it was exploring time.  Went to Ghiradelli Square where no one had room for or wanted to wait in line for ice cream (not sure why we needed to go then).  Then hitched a trolley to Chinatown. 

Apparently the cold and mist did a number on my hair and makeup.

Look at that view of Alcatraz as we went up the hill to Chinatown

Chinatown didn’t last long, we then crossed through Little Italy to what I called the Titty District.  Not sure where it actually was, probably still in Little Italy, but there were a bunch of nude clubs on the main street.  Past those we found 2 fun places.  The VIN Club and Romelo (mixology bar). 

Dan said we probably confused people and made them think we were either from Chicago or Alabama.  We both had Auburn on the front and Chicago on the bar (his shirt, my bag).  haha!

Yes, that’s me and the 1 drink I had on the trip.  I rarely drink, but I had to try the Pretty Pretty Pisco.  It was SO good.  I let everyone taste it.  In turn, I think the bar sold at least 12 more.  I should get commission 😉

We cabbed it back to hotel to deliver half the crew back.  I was going to head to bed, but Dan pointed out we’d not had dinner.  It was late.  At that point, I wasn’t really into dinner.  So I had shrimp and crab cocktail, Dan had clam chowder in a bread bowl.  I tasted a bit of Lacey’s chowder which she got in a regular bowl, very unique, had little bits of prosciutto in it (not GF, I had 2 tastes).

I’ve not figured this look out yet.  It’s either get your hands away from my food or quit taking photos of me and my food.

We eventually walked back to the hotel.  The 3 of them had a nightcap.  I had a nighty-nighty.


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