Things I like Thursday: Breaks

I was supposed to be off today, but I really needed to get things done at the office, so once again a day off turned into an office day.  I did make an effort to leave early (Dr appt for follow-up) and errands.  That counts for a short break, right?

After the Dr. I treated myself to a mani and pedi.  I have a rule that no-pedicures during training.  I don’t consider the current period training, since it’s still around my maintenance running level.  Anyhow, went to a new place I found on Yelp like 100 yards from my old apartment.  It was alright, not sure i’ll use it again.  I wasn’t blown away, but we’ll see how long the paint job lasts.  I don’t think i’ve had a manicure in over 5 years, yeah, long time. 

While i’m a girly girl when it comes to clothes and accessories, i’ve never been a hair/makeup/nails girl.  Mostly because i’m lazy, have no patience, and can’t keep up with it.

I am happy to say that unlike this time last week, I am not stressed out and ready for a long weekend.  Things are wrapped up at work, bags packed, nails and toes pretty. 

I need this weekend.  I so need this weekend 🙂


One thought on “Things I like Thursday: Breaks

  1. Well good grief, hon. I think there’s nothing worse than not resting or having funsies on a day off! I hope that you’re taking full advantage of this weekend, girlie!

    I know what you mean by not being blown away by a place. Meh. You touched my feet, scrubbed them, shaped and cleaned my nails, and painted them. Thanks and bye. Lol

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