Feels like

I’m not sleepy tired.  I haven’t slept restfully in months, but i’m not tired.  My legs and arms just feel like jello, like body tired.   What was now once or twice a week is now almost every day 😦

Monday I could barely push the lawn mower, my arms and legs were spent.  I didn’t even lift weights on Sunday like I usually do, so I know it wasn’t from that.  Last night I had to take a break from cleaning, because I couldn’t stand anymore.  WTF?

Rescheduled my follow-up Dr.’s appointment from next Thursday to this Thursday.  I am really starting to worry I can’t enjoy my long weekend if I feel this way.  I am paranoid to run now, because I feel like I am at high risk for falling. 

Going on a year now of no answers.  I am going to put any more races or events on hold.  With this constant muscle fatigue now, along with the already existing joint pain and my laundry list of other symptoms, I just think it’s the best thing to do. 

Now I’m worried about the list of events I am signed up for.  I question even being able to run Zilker and Silicon relays, which are super short and somewhat easy 😦


3 thoughts on “Feels like

    • me too. I am just SO tired of this. I am getting desperate. For the longest time, running was still going alright. Now even walking around the office or mowing the grass is a battle on some days.

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