Eeyore kind of day

I know I said no more bad days, but can you have an Eeyore kind of day?  It actually wasn’t related to me feeling badly health-wise, it was everything else that kept happening 😦

For some reason, I don’t sleep well (issue for the last few months).  This was especially the case since I left Austin on Wednesday evening.  I am running on very little sleep from the last 4 nights.  Monday morning is going to be rough!


Started off Saturday morning with a run from my parent’s house.  Not really where I had wanted to run, but after scouring San Antonio’s limited running clubs and stores, I decided it was easiest.  Tropical Storm Don brought some rain, but it felt nice and I beat the sun. 

I chose the route with a few small hills in the middle that i’d made up the last time I was there.  My Garmin chose to record time but not miles (long story), so I ran for time instead.  Not a bad run until I needed to come down the steep hill that leads into the Medina Valley.  A cop had someone pulled over, so I had to move over into the grass, which was pretty tall. 

And then I felt it..

Three inches of mesquite bush/tree into my shoe.  Only about an inch actually went into my foot (made getting my shoe off very difficult).  At first I thought it was a nail or screw.  So there I was on the hill, in front of the cop who was now done writing his ticket, me ripping the branch out of my shoe, so I could take the shoe off and get the thorn out of my shoe, which I carefully removed from my left foot.

I don’t think any of it broke off in my foot.  It’s sore but i’m not worried, I ran the rest of the route home (about 3.5 miles).  They are supposedly poisonous.  I will watch it and see what happens.


Met Dan and friends in New Braunfels to go tubing on the Comal river.  I had this bright idea to actually wear a 2 piece, which I immediately regretted.  As soon as I ate the peach I brought with me, I ballooned (makes no sense to me).  I was pretty much traumatized for the next few hours.   Then coming out of the 2nd chute, I got shot straight into a rock and took most of it to my back.  OUCH! 

Got separated from the group and my water and sunscreen.  Luckily I didn’t get dehydrated or sunburnt.  I did get trampled getting off of the river (they actually have huge issues with this lately), and end up closing the river access off in the afternoons due to it.  Some dude plowed over me and my left shin took a blow to one of the rock steps, that produced a nice huge bruise. 


Ate at Cooper’s BBQ in New Braunfels (had been to the original location before).  It was one of the easiest options, as we had like 16 people in our group.  Still wasn’t that impressed.  I had half a potato, pork loin, and beans, with pickles, onions, and jalapenoes of course.  MEH.  I’ve had much better.  I tasted Dan’s beef ribs and sausage, neither of which I liked. 

It wasn’t a horrible day, but it certainly wasn’t as fun as I thought it was going to be 😦  It was nice to see so many friends from out of town though, which almost made me forget about everything else.


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