Tofu Cooking Class

I signed mom and I up to attend the very first cooking class at Green Vegetarian Cuisine in San Antonio.

Topic:  TOFU

Green was actually the first place mom ever had tofu, almost exactly a year ago.  She only ate it because they brought us a sampler tray and she didn’t know what it was 😉 

Before this year, I was never brave enough to cook with it, but i’ve been trying to branch out.  In fact, one of the very first dishes I made was Green’s vegetarian migas recipe, which appeared in the 2010 Shape Magazine.

It was a pretty sizable class, maybe 30 people in the small back room.  On the menu was:  tofu migas (hey, I know how to make that one!), caprese salad, strawberry cheesecake, and a lentil-tofu burger.

The tofu migas had fresh habanero peppers from their garden, which was AWESOME.  I had to toss the tortilla since I can’t have it (really shouldn’t have eaten anything that touched it either).  Not the prettiest, but was SO good.  Love that recipe.

The caprese had fresh tomatoes and basil, also from their on-site garden.  This was so good, maybe I could try this on Dan, but he’s a caprese snob.

Tofu-lentil burger.  It smelled good.  The recipe had flour as a binder 😦  Took it home to my dad, who balked when he found out what it was afterward.

The girl at the end of the table, next to mom, is training for her first Half Marathon, which will be Rock N Roll San Antonio.

Dessert was a tofu-strawberry cheesecake.  I also took this home to dad, the crust and filling both were not Gluten Free.

We had a great time.  If I can attend their next class, I certainly plan on attending.  I just wish the dietary restrictions wouldn’t have limited what I was able to eat. (I had to eat dinner when I got home).

Will post recipes as I make them at home.  The migas is already in my files of things I liked, will make the caprese for sure.


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