Things I like Thursday: My besties

My best friends finally met each other in April.  They live maybe 30 minutes from each other.  In fact, they live closer to each other than they do to me.

I was in town visiting Michele.  Decided we needed to make a trip to New Braunfels to have lunch with Alison (who I NEVER see).  She knows everything about the city, so she steered us to the brand new Buttermilk Cafe, which is owned by the same people that own Gruene Tea Room (which we all adore).

I should have maybe dressed a little less like a bum, lol.

We talked a ton.  I wish Alison didn’t have to go back to work!  I was trying to get a photo of their food (which was more exciting than mine), but I got Alison gabbing 😉

 Alison got the grilled veggie wrap, Michele got the turkey sandwich.  They both raved their side salads were very tasty, but both sandwiches had too much oil.

I got the Cobb Salad, which they made wrong the first time and took them 15 minutes to bring me another.  It was the most expensive thing on the lunch menu and there was nothing on it!  😦

I had a great time seeing both of them and watching them get along so well, which made my heart happy.  However,  I did NOT enjoy lunch.  I wish I would have ordered the chicken or pork chop plate, which was my first instict.

I ended up getting a baked potato at Wendy’s an hour later, because I was starving.


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