Donde Esta?

I’m around, i’ve been all over.  The coming months are HECTIC!

This is what next few months look like for us:

Dan:  currently on his way to Montana.  Then Calgary next week, San Antonio, San Francisco, Detroit, Florida, and a few places I can’t remember.

Me:  day trips don’t count, but there are a lot of them.  I also have Killeen, San Antonio, San Fransico, Dallas, Lubbock, Florida, and Houston. 

Two day trips for work this week, Wednesday and Thursday.  Thursday will be a very long day, but I am looking forward to it.  Looks like maybe going to Blues on the Green Wednesday to see Dale Watson will have to wait 😦   Especially since Thursday is a long day trip and I probably won’t get back home until really late.

A little fun tonight.  We have the company suite at the ballpark.  Dan let me pick out the food, which was cool, but it’s still not a full meal of things I can eat, so I’ll have to special order something to go with the fajitas (I didn’t want to do BBQ again, we had that the last 2 times in the suite).  Since Dan had to leave town, i’m taking my sister, who I haven’t seen since 3 weeks ago!  I am not cool with that 😦   I could barely get her to return text messages about going with me tonight.  Makes me very sad that we used to be SO close and now I barely see her.  We live 10 miles from each other!  She doesn’t really talk to my mom much either, which is odd to me.  I really wish I could persuade her to spend more time talking to and spending time with family. 

Family is very important to me.  I want to pull her back into feeling the same way.


2 thoughts on “Donde Esta?

    • I will be in town August 18-21, staying near the convention center (that’s where I’ll be working Thur afternoon-Sunday morning).

      We have to meet up for lunch or dinner. Will you be back in school? I am sure in-service at least starts beginning of August, right? I heard it’s Dallas restaurant week too!

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