Mixed up Monday


Monday was an odd day.

I barely slept Sunday night.  I woke up, got dressed, drove to work.  Sort of.  I made it about 4 of 30 miles when I felt awful, came home and went back to bed.  I had intended on getting to the office an hour early.

I called in sick, although I had a ton to do.  Waste of looking cute and makeup.

I went in anyhow about 2 hours later, worrying about everything got to me.  Didn’t bother trying to fix the makeup, lol.

I got a lot done, and felt fine enough to do it.  I felt ick, which was good enough for work.  I had an important meeting in the PM and my coworker had a death in the family, which I didn’t know about until yesterday, so I really needed to be there.  Glad I did.

On the way to work, I had to pick up lunch because I had nothing.  Not happy with ChickFilA right now because they couldn’t make my food without cheese (pre-made).  It’s not that I don’t want to eat the dang cheese, I’m not supposed to right now.  I should have went to Schlotzsky’s, their salads are better, although more expensive, and a lot more filling (and they make them to order).  I was in a hurry though and ChickFilA was more convenient.  I ended up having to pick all of the cheese out which took forever.

Successful day in the office, although not feeling great.  I didn’t really feel up to stairmill, so I mowed our giant yard instead, which is better than nothing.  Plus it meant Dan would have no excuse to not go to the gym  on Tuesday 😉


Dad had given me more fresh garden veggies on our way back to Austin on Sunday.  So I made a cajun inspired sautee or whatever you want to call it.  Okra, onions, yellow squash, tomatoes, hatch chiles, and cajun spices (zero P+!).  Served grilled center cut bacon wrapped chicken with it.  Dan’s chicken had garlic Laughing Cow inside. 

He’s not a fan of okra if it’s not fried, so even though I put cheese on top of his sautee, he only ate 2/3 of it.  More for me 😉  I have enough for leftovers.

I REALLY need to start taking photos with my camera or my DSLR that I never use instead of using my phone.


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