Three Days

Don’t ask me how a three day week could be so stressful, but it was.


Another 3 day weekend. 

Started things off with Unplugged at the Grove with the Trishas

Friday morning was go, go, go!  Why do I kill my off days like that?  It was non-stop.

Long run with Angelica.  Then HEB for food and supplies for the Frio River (why the heck do we need so much stuff for 1 full day?).  Then tried to get an oil change but the wait was too long.  Then back to the house for appointments. 

After that insanity, I made post-run grub.  Bacon-egg and hummus tacos.  Don’t knock until you’ve tried it, it’s GOOD.  Especially when you use a flavored hummus like jalapeno. 

The plan:  All day Saturday at the Frio River with 30-40 people in 3 houses, then back home on Sunday morning.  REALLY wish we could have left Thursday evening instead of Friday!  It’s a long drive for 1 full day.  It’s about 4 hours each way.  Most of the crew was from Houston and beyond, which was 5 hours.

Anyhow, I also made some Kodiak cookies for the weekend.  I’d bought the mix a while back and this seemed like a good occasion to make them. Dark chocolate chip, YUM!  I forgot to take after photos.  They didn’t last long at all at the river.  I heard they were amazing.  Stupid gluten, I wanted to taste.   I think they were 3 WW P+ if you were wondering. 

Instead I chowed down on a “tuna roll” salad, complete with wasabi sauce.  It was good, but didn’t fill me up enough, so there was canteloupe as well.

Right before I left, a package I won came to the door from National Foundation for Celiac Awareness.  Blue Diamond Almond Chips!  YUM!  I grabbed 1 bag to take with me. (I may have tested them for quality first, HAHA!)

No cell coverage out there, so I am unplugging until Sunday night.



3 thoughts on “Three Days

  1. ohhh I totally want to try those chips! I wasn’t crazy about the crackers they have… the nut thins? maybe it was the flavor I didn’t love, it’s been a while since I had them

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