My first attempt at bbq brisket by myself.   I bought a small lean brisket at HEB on Sunday.  Rubbed it on Sunday morning, cooked it Monday afternoon. You want it to have some fat on top.  You can trim it off after it cooks (I trim mine off, leave on Dan’s).   This photo is actually fat side down, because it made for a nicer photo (you cook it fat side up).

Someone started begging.  I don’t blame her, it smelled amazing!  She never begs unless it’s smoked turkey at Thanksgiving or smoked chicken.  I’ve decided it’s the smokey flavor she must be after.

Missy was nowhere to be seen, which was for the best.  She can’t have people food.

I let her have some, because it was tasty and she doesn’t get people food often at all.  She liked it 🙂

I  made two different plates, because Dan has been on a corn kick and I only had 1 ear left.  So I had salad, he had corn.

I should have waited until he was ready to eat to slice his.  I forget how fast brisket dries out.  It was still tasty, although next time, I may knock 30 minutes off of the cooking time for a little less “doneness”.

It was 6P+ for 4 ounces. With a side of Terrys Texas Pinto Beans.  That is by far my favorite bean recipe ever.  I’ve been using that recipe since 4th of July weekend 2009 (and it’s only 2P+ per serving!).  Not pictured is another favorite that was part of dinner, which is Stubbs BBQ sauce.  Spicy is my favorite, but the others are really good too…and Gluten Free!


2 thoughts on “Smokin’

    • I was pretty pleased 🙂
      I knew getting Dan to haul out his smoker and do that tiny little brisket for the 2 of us was out of the question, lol. Too bad there weren’t any leftovers. Forgot how bad they shrink!

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