A little

A few good days off 🙂

A little dinner fun on Friday night at Hula Hut with friends. (I took no pics!?! How does that happen?)

A little long-run on Saturday morning.  Felt ok.  Still frustrated with what my pace seems to now be.

A little pool time after the run with my book.  I sent Dan to the river without me, I wasn’t feeling it.  Work has me totally burned out.

Followed by a little shopping with my sister.  (bought little random gifts for other people).  Can’t wait to give those out 🙂

A little chicken enchilada bake for lunch with green chile sauce (new find!)

A little weight lifting Sunday morning when the gym opened.

A little fish taco for lunch time.  Used HEB tuna patties that I pan fried (which I found out later aren’t GF).  FAIL.  But they tasted good.

A little music at Whitewater for Hayes Carll on Sunday night.  Lots of faces I don’t get to see often, including a friend of mine from college, who just happened to be there (this is Dan, myself, my dear friend Heather, and her friend Robbie).  I must have wings, I can’t seem to keep my arms down in photos.

A little stairmill cardio-cross on Monday morning.  I’d hoped to have my oil changed during the gym time, but they were closed 😦

A LOT of cleaning and chores (so I missed the neighborhood kiddie parade).

A little bbq’ing and watching FNL with Dan.

A great deal of much needed RNR!


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